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Disney, ANTA, Lilanz, Aokang, Kaiser, Manloulan, Fenyitianxia, Teemall, Maoye, One Central Plaza, Haier U-home, dn668.com, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, China Telecom…
Many garment brands and companies are using N-show 3D virtual fitting room to create a brand new way of marketing and business model. You ought to have one…
Corporation Information
Founded in 1999, Newtempo is the leading company in China which specializes in developing motion sensing technology.
Newtempo has developed 3D Virtual Fitting Room, Motion Sensing Interactive Advertising System and Smart Motion Sensing Master. With the international advanced technology, they are recommended as key innovative products to domestic companies by Microsoft(China).
Newtempo N-show Serial Products bring not only revolutionson consumer experience and shopping way, but also help to improve the work efficiency and create a bran-new business mode.
Newtempo has built a strategic cooperation relation with TMALL ,Disney, Haier, Anta,Lilang, Maoye, Tianhe City shopping mall and other listed garment brands and shopping malls to innovate their marketing modes.
Utilizing 3D motion sensing technology, Newtempo is currently innovating and developing in online shopping, education, and games. Our goal is enabling every consumer to shop, learn and entertain on TV, computers, even tablet PCs and mobile devices simply by motions.
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Address: 3/F Guangdong Productivity Center, NO. 116 Dongguanzhuang 1st Cross Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China
TEL:86-20-3824 0997 (Monday to Friday,09:00-18:00)
Skype: nshow020
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